Nutrition & Care at Benchmark Hanoverians
Nutrition & Care at Benchmark Hanoverians


The aim of our breeding program is to produce good quality riding horses year after year so that our clients come back to us. Nutrition and care from before conception until the day they leave our stud is of vital importance in producing dressage horses that can put in, day in day out for years on end. Dressage is a taxing sport for both horse and rider and the last thing anyone needs is a horse that because of early life nutritional imbalances breaks down. 

Unfortunately with horses, injuries happen but you don’t need preventable ones. That is why we do the following:

Have improved pastures on top quality country - black soil country. The pastures consist of rhodes grass, blue grass, white clover, couch plus a variety of other improved pastures.

Even the best of soils in Australia are lacking in some minerals. We all know that not all pastures are equal in their nutritional content. That is why we also feed to every horse and foal on our property. We also supplement with calcium /phosporous supplements and salts just to make sure we have all bases covered. Being hands on all the time our horses are feed with the seasons so they do not go down in condition during the winter months. We aim at keeping all of our horses on an even platform in body condition. This is vitally important for youngstock as you do not want them to have uneven growth leading to growth spurts where growth problems can begin.

The best feeding program is not enough if you don’t also worm on a regular basis. Our foals are wormed from a very tender age. This worming program then continues with monotonous regularity every six weeks. When foals we work with Equimax Elevation as they mature we rotate between Equimax and Strategy. These wormers keep our horses clean, plus of course regular worming keeps the pastures clean.