About Us
About us
Kevin and Janette Lewis have been breeding Hanoverians for 12 years. They are now breeding their 3rd generation of these beautiful horses.

Kevin spent his younger years assisting his father with his racehorses - riding track work along with all work that a stable of racehorses involves.Once married to Janette he continued on the path of training racehorses as well as showing thoroughbreds. During these early years Kevin introduced Janette to the world of horses. A world she stepped into with much vigor and has never stepped back out of.  Both Kevin and Janette have been involved in their local dressage club for the last 20 years. Kevin was  President of the Far North Equestrian Group for many years. To make sure Janette is always time poor she is the Secretary of the Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia.

Both Kevin and Janette travel to Germany on a regular basis to inspect stallions so that they can choose which ones will best compliment their mares. Kevin was given the opportunity to train as a judge for the Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia and has traveled with the German Verband classifier during the Australian tour in 2011 and again in 2012. Kevin spent June 2011 in Germany do his judges training. Both Libby Welch and Kevin passed the exams and are now qualified Hanoverian judges. Whilst in Germany both Libby and Kevin attended numerous mare and foal shows plus mare performance testing. After gaining his qualifications Kevin also had the opportunity to be an official judge at a mare and foal show. In order to keep his accreditation Kev will continue to go to Germany for refresher courses every few years.

Kev on the right of a champion mare (by Don Henrico)
during his judge training in Germany.                                                                                 Juergen Rump(German Verband) and Kevin judging 2012

We give our horses the best of care but we do it because we love the horses and what life is all about. This video shows life at Benchmark Hanoverians.